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"Brain fog, fatigue, balance issues, neck pain, headaches, blurred vision, and a general feeling of being "out of it" and overwhelmed had become so bad that I didn't think I'd be able to continue my job as a teacher. It was honestly frightening, and was causing depression. At the recommendation of my best friend, I started treatments with Dr. Sanders. Along with regular treatments in the office, he gave me specific therapies to do at home. I have seen such a huge improvement in how my brain now functions. I rarely have a headache, the "fog" has lifted, and my energy level has returned to normal. I thank God for Dr. Sanders' wisdom and expertise in bringing healing to not only my brain, but to my spirit." - L.B.

“I suffer from severe vertigo that comes on suddenly and lasts too long. Dr. Sanders has brought me back to life. My vertigo is gone and the worry that it might come back is gone as well. I feel like I have my life back.” - D.N.

“Dr. Sanders is, in a word, awesome. He is highly knowledgable and is constantly studying to stay on top of an ever developing specialty. Dr Sanders is friendly and warm and is keenly interested in you and your health. He is persistent in finding solutions. I highly recommend Dr Sanders.” - R.B.

“Dr Sanders has been a blessing to me. I was unable to sleep, for years. And always feeling like I was living in a fog. Now I sleep and no longer feel like i am in a fog. I would highly recommend him and Polly is a wonderful asset.” - K.D.

“I've been going to Dr. Sanders since 1998. He is extremely knowledgeable and has "healing hands". I told my husband about him and he now sees him as well. We are both nearly perfect after each visit. We've since moved out of the area but we will drive the hour away just to get adjusted because he's simply that good. Thanks for all you do.” - S.T.

“I've been going to Dr. Sanders for a few years now and he has very much so improved my well being and my health. I went from barely walking to being able to haul a charged fire hose up a flight of stairs. He has helped me accomplish a better lifestyle and achieve my aspirations. In the years of knowing him as a Doctor, I have truly experienced quality patient care. As an EMT I can say that patient care is very important, and he exhibits professionalism and proficiency in all that he does. He is well versed and studied in his field occupation. Above all he makes you feel as if you are his friend and not just another customer that gives him money. I know that MY time and MY money is well spent each time I make a visit. I highly recommend his service.” - A.S.

“Dr. Sanders is amazing. My favorite acupuncturist recommended him to me so I knew he must be good— but he was great! I have been suffering from neck and shoulder pain for over 4 years. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on beds, pillows, massage therapy, physical therapy, pills, shots, etc., nothing really helped. I’m now 6 weeks in with Dr. Sanders and I can FINALLY say, ‘I have relief.’ The instant he saw my x-ray he knew I had something called ‘military neck’ and knew exactly what to do to start the healing process. No other doctor had ever diagnosed that or even attempted to find the real cause of my pain. Through a series of intense, but fun, tests, quizzes and treatments I’m feeling amazing and wonderfully optimistic! Dr. Sanders is a welcoming and warm soul who is incredibly in tune with people and genuinely wants them to be well. I highly recommend him!” - S.C.

"Love Dr Sanders and his chiropractic center. He has been a huge help to me while recovering from my car accident. Highly recommend him and his staff!” - J.Q.

”Dr. Sanders truly cares about every individual he encounters, and does his best to treat them to the best of his ability. He has changed so many lives and will continue to do so!” - H.S.

"Dr. Sanders and Polly are amazing. I have been treated from everything from minor to major injuries. He is very thorough and knowledgeable. Highly recommended." - L.K.

"Dr. D, as we call him, is the best. He is so much more than a Chiropractor. He really cares and has trained with the best. If you see him, ask him to tell you about the man he saved from going blind!" - J.C.

"Dr. Sanders is THE most professional and nicest man you will ever meet! Great sense of humor and absolutely knows what he's doing! Will always go to Dr. Sanders for any of my Chiropractic needs!" - B.W.

"His ability to innately know what is wrong is a gift from God. He is concerned about each patient and I would highly recommend that anyone that needs neurology or chiropractic care see him!   I am highly blessed and honored to be Dr. Sanders' patient." - J.G.

"Thank you Dr. Sanders for listening and taking time to find out what was wrong when other doctors couldn't find anything wrong with me.  I feel much better!" - T.M.

"There was only one true professional that has helped me in my pain and that is Dr. David Sanders. He is not just the best chiropractor around, but he also helps you to understand your problem and takes the time to explain everything to you.  If it wasn't for Dr. Sanders, I would still be taking all those drugs." - M.L.

"I came to Dr. Sanders at the advice/referral of a co-worker.  I was having daily, severe, migraine type headaches with nausea and visual disturbances.  I'm now not taking any medications for my headaches, I'm sleeping through the night, and my legs don't jump when I'm in my bed!" - L.M.

"Since my treatment has started, my headaches have disappeared, my coordination and balance have returned, and I feel like a different person." - S.H.

"I am no longer confined to a wheelchair and am in very little pain.  I am now sleeping through the night and am no longer depressed. I have all of the hope in the world that many others will come to know just how dramatically Dr. Sanders can help you to achieve a pain free, happy, and joyous life!" - J.M.

"I am doing 10,000% better!  In just two weeks, not only has the pain greatly reduced to non-existence, my attitude has improved and I'm happy now!" - S.D.

"I woke up with eye nystagmus and I was unable to focus at close range.  I thought I would never work again.  My local MD had no idea what was wrong and sent me to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville.  After numerous tests, I was still not diagnosed and dismissed from the clinic.  A friend suggested I try Dr. Sanders as he had helped her.  Through Dr. Sanders' knowledge and experience, my nystagmus has resolved and I am back to work.  Thank you Dr. Sanders!" - A.F.

"After suffering with heart palpitations for almost 1.5 years on a daily basis, I was considering either drugs or an invasive procedure.  I told Dr. Sanders and he gave me a simple exercise to do daily that would re-train the area(s) of my brain that control the rhythm and frequency of my heart beats.  After three weeks of faithfully doing the exercise, my palpitations have all but disappeared!" - N.D.

"Working with Dr. Sanders has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life!" - P.C.

"I had damaged my C4/C5 performing exercise improperly in 2011 time period. Two MRI did show the nerve impingement. I suffered with near constant knife like pain in my neck in which Ibuprofen did little to help. I found Curamin to be mildly effective but still had extreme difficulty at night & could never find a position to relieve the pain. Riding a bike into the wind or walking on the beach was enough to set off inflammation that would take up to a week to calm down. After discussing this with my primary care my suggested options were to see surgical neurologist or try rehab. I had no intention of going the surgery route & had done all the rehab and herbal stuff you can imagine. After finally reaching the end of the rope so to speak I prayed for guidance which I should have done much earlier. Through a quick search I found Dr David Sanders not only a chiropractor but also a Dr with neurological study. I had an immediate connection with Dr Sanders after my first appointment and he understood my condition right away. The treatment plan I went through at first seemed just to simple but the results and have been life changing. Within just a few visits, my pain started going away. I've now been pain free for almost a full year. Can I do something stupid and agitate this area, yes. But implementing the self care process Dr Sanders taught me provides immediate relief. Do I recommend the good DR, are you kidding me; YES!" - M.T.

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Growing up in Satellite Beach, Dr. David Sanders decided to be a chiropractor at 17 years old.  Read more about his story and get to know him a little better.

"His ability to innately know what is wrong is a gift from God. I would highly recommend that anyone that needs neurology or chiropractic care see him!   I am highly blessed and honored to be Dr. Sanders' patient."

Why Choose Us?

With over 30 years of experience, Dr. David Sanders specializes in treating complex neurological conditions.  Dr. Sanders is a Board Certified Chiropractic Neurologist - a credential held by 538 clinicians worldwide.

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